We use eco friendly waxes


There are many benefits to using Rapeseed wax, its got an extremely low carbon footprint as it is mainly grown in Ireland, the UK and Europe, it also feeds our animals at the sametime and produces biofuel and of course our lovely sustainable wax.
Rapeseed wax also does not produce harmful toxins when burned unlike paraffin which is very toxic and sooty in the home.
It is also non hazardous to us and our pets and also our wildlife. Rapeseed wax is very popular with Bees too, they love the rich nectar from the yellow flowers which we can see huge fields of around Ireland. Rapeseed also protects the soil and of course is not genetically modified here or in europe. It really is a miracle plant.



This is the other wax in our blend which is another Eco friendly wax, Coconut wax is 100% natural and fully biodegradable and it is also a renewable resource. The wax has a lovely slow and even burn and blends extremely well with the rapeseed for a longer lasting candle. There are no pesticides or herbicides used in the production of Coconut wax which is another plus. It is also smokeless, soot free, non toxic and burns really cleanly. Coconut wax is another product which is not genetically modified.