I have a selection of body oils and roller ball blends which are made using only organic essential oils. About 150 essential oils have ben extracted for use in Aromatherapy. Each has a unique fragrance and contains many different chemical components. All have antiseptic properties to some degree and can have numerous other actions including anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, decongestant, antispasmodic, antibacterial or antidepressant. Each oil is said to have a dominant characteristic that classifies it as stimulating, relaxing or refreshing for example.

It can take between 20 minutes and a few hours for oils to be absorbed into the body. After a few hours the oils leave the body by elimination. Before being used on the body the essential oils are always mixed in a carrier oil, i mostly use sweet almond and peach kernel mixed as a base for my blends. The blends are available as a 10ml roller ball which can be used on the pilse points or as a perfume. i also make a luxury body oil in a 100ml size with a convenient dropper for use on the body.